Home Healing

Space Clearing for Buildings and Land 

The Benefits of Healing the Energy of Your Property

  • Removes blocked, stagnant energy and negative imprints
  • Helps trapped or Earthbound spirits to return Home
  • Cuts ties that may be hindering the sale of your property
  • Clears former occupants' energy, and gives your new home a fresh, clean start
  • Raises the vibration, and infuses the space with uplifting energy
  • Supports the holistic health of people, plants and pets
  • Facilitates better sleep, happier moods, clearer thinking, and physical wellbeing
  • Supports peace and spiritual practices

Space Clearing helps to dissipate old, stuck energy while infusing your environment with higher vibrational loving, peaceful energy. The intention is to uplift all occupants (people, pets and plants) while supporting life in the most nurturing, healthy, happy ways possible.

Everything is made of energy, and that energy needs to be able to flow freely. When it is blocked by intensely unhappy thoughts, emotions, and physical manifestations, the energy that sustains life can impede your wellbeing. The atmosphere becomes heavy and even depressed feeling.

It is hard to thrive in an environment that holds imprints of fear, grief, anger, and illness. These unhappy energetic patterns may have originated with you, your family, visitors, neighbours, or even prior occupants. You can also be adversely affected trapped energies in the land below.

Our Holistic Home Healing Approach

We use a combination of Reiki, Chios Energy Healing, and Angelic Healing and Protection, along a Crystal Singing Bowl, and other tools.

Purchase a Space Clearing

This is the first step in booking. Steve or Kim will then be in touch to arrange your space clearing. Please note, purchase of a service indicates that you agree to these Terms.

For Commercial Space Clearing, please contact us for a quote

Home Healing House Call

With: Steve
Length: One Hour
Availability: Riverview, Moncton, Dieppe
Cost: $100 (PayPal or e-Transfer)

Distance Home Healing

With: Kim
Availability: Worldwide
Cost: $88 Canadian
(See Currency Converter)

Happy Clients

Over the years, Kim has been blessed to receive so many positive comments, testimonials and feedback. Here are a few:

"Wowee, that was a powerful clearing (I think of the healing you both facilitated as multiple intensive Soul Retrievals for so many on the spiritual and/or astral planes!!) that you facilitated on our street."

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I felt immediate relief after the home healing. Many of the things you saw were things I picked up on during my meditations and other healing exercises. I thank you from my heart and soul for such a beautiful session."

Wowwww So nailed it with this healing! I was starting to feel pretty hopeless about selling our house but we now have two buyers coming through on Saturday."