Answers to Your Questions

Below are common questions we receive, along with their answers. If these do not answer your questions, please contact us.

Naturopathic Consultation

Q: What are your hours?
A: Steve's schedule changes week-to-week due to his other job, but he will do his best to accommodate your schedule.

Q: How much is a consult?
A: Naturopathic consultation is an integral part of each of Steve's in-person healings. The cost of a healing is $70 /hr. You can also book a separate session for your consult.

Q: How long is the appointment?
A: Most sessions are one hour. You can request more time if you think you need it.

Q: May I have a longer appointment?
A: Yes, but please request it at the time of booking.

Q: How much is a healing?
A: The cost is $70 / hr. 

Q: How do I pay?
A: Please bring cash. You can also pre-pay via eTransfer or PayPal.

Q: Is this covered by insurance?
A: Yes, Naturopathic Consultations are covered by extended health care plans under the category of NATUROPATH.

Q: How do I know if my plan covers your services?
A: Check with your insurance provider. Be sure to ask if your plan covers NATUROPATHIC SERVICES. 

Vibrational Energy Healing

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are in central Riverview, New Brunswick at 709 Cleveland Avenue. The healing room is in our home. Please park on the left side of our shared driveway.

Q: What are your hours?
A: Steve's schedule is changes week to week due to his other job, but he will do his best to accommodate your schedule.

Q: Are all appointments one hour long?
A: Most are, yes, but if you feel you need more time, please let Steve know when booking your healing. Conversely, if the healing is for a child, it may be a shorter session.

Q: Do you take debit or credit cards?
A: If you pay in advance via PayPal, you may use your credit card or pay directly from your bank account.

Q: How do I know if my insurance plan covers your services?
A: Check with your insurance provider to see if you plan includes NATUROPATHIC SERVICES.

Q: Do you offer healings for children?
A: Yes! Steve would be happy to facilitate a healing for your child. You are welcome to be in the healing room with him/her. You can also hold your child, or lay on the table with him/her, and receive a combined healing.

Q: Do you sell gift certificates?
A: Yes, we do! Please contact us for details.

Q: How does distance healing work?
A: Distance healing transcends the limits of time/space. Quantum physics and spirituality demonstrate how everything is connected.

Q: How do I pay with a credit card?
A: You can use your credit card when paying with PayPal.

Q: Is this covered by insurance?
A: No, insurance receipts are only provided for in-person sessions.

Q: What is your availability?
A: Wait time for a healing is generally less than one week.

Q: I bought a healing. What happens next?
A: After you purchase a service, check your email for two messages: a PayPal receipt, and an automated email from Steve outlining your next steps. If you do not see these, check your spam/junk folder. Also, be sure to look in the email account that is linked to your PayPal account.

Q: What information do I need to send to Steve?
A: Steve requires your healing intentions and some background information. Also, to help him connect with your energy, Steve needs a recent portrait photo that clearly shows your eyes.

Q: Will I be aware of the healing as it is happening?
A: You will know when to expect the healing, as you and Steve will find a mutually agreeable time for the healing. We cannot guarantee what you will experience during the healing process, though. Some people feel, hear and see things while others do not sense a thing. The healing is equally effective in both cases.

Q: How long will it take for the healing to work?
A: Healing occurs instantly on the energetic level, but takes time to filter down through the mental, emotional and physical bodies. Results may take a while to manifest. You can expedite the process by following the self-care practices that Steve recommends.

Q: How many healings will my condition require?
A: It is hard to predict ahead of time whether you will need more than one healing. If you hit a blockage, or if other issues arise, another healing may be helpful. Trust your instincts to know what is best for you.

Multidimensional Healing & Guidance

Each session includes the following:
- Distance Energy Healing: While in a lucid dream state, Kim will journey with your soul to higher dimensions where you will receive transformational healing with Source and loving beings of light, including angels and spirit guides. [Healing Length: 1 - 2 hours]
- Recorded Audio Guidance: Kim will email you a recording containing a detailed description of your healing, along with soul wisdom and healing insights. You will also receive instructions on how to receive the energy healing. [Recording Length: 30 - 60 min.]

Q: Why doesn't Kim see people in person?
A: Kim heals while she is lucid dreaming. It would not be conducive to the process if you were in the room.

Q: Why doesn't Kim offer Skype or Phone sessions?
A: Kim is an Empath. She absorbs emotional energy like a sponge. In order to be a crystal clear channel for healing, she needs the detachment of distance healing and email correspondence.

Q: What is the wait time for a healing?
A: Wait time varies greatly. It could be as little as 1 day or as much as several weeks. Ask Kim if you need to know prior to purchasing a healing.

Q: What is Kim's schedule?
A: Kim heals, and replies to emails, Monday to Friday from 10 am - 4 pm AST.

Q: What if I want to receive my healing at bedtime or on the weekend?
A: You are free to receive your healing whenever you wish (i.e. weekends or nights). This is due to the fact that Kim heals outside the limitations of time/space.

Q: Does Kim accept any payment other than PayPal?
A: If you live in Canada, and would prefer to pay via Interac eTransfer, please contact Kim for details.

Q: How do I know if my payment went through?
A: You should receive a PayPal receipt within 30 minutes. It will be sent to the email address linked to your PayPal account. If you don't see it, contact PayPal for help. You will also receive an auto-response email from Kim, sent to the same email account.

Q: I have read that some implants shouldn’t be removed for various reasons. Is this something that you will know when you go to facilitate my healing?
A: You're right. Not all implants are bad, or should be removed. Kim works with the angels and they are adept at deciphering the function of various implants. Prior to the healing, Kim sets the intention only to do what is in your highest good. Also, your higher self is in charge of your healing. There are many safeguards in place.

Q: I didn't feel anything and/or I don't notice any changes. Did the healing work? 
A: Yes, it is working. The healing is streaming in from higher states of consciousness and is far more subtle than the energy that you are used to. The healing happens instantaneously in the upper realms, but needs time to permeate the denser energy here. Healing in this realm is a process, not an event. It's like going to the doctor and getting a prescription. You don't immediately notice results. You have to take the medication and give it time to work. Please be patient and have faith.

Q: What symptoms are normal after a healing? 
A:  Fatigue is a sure sign of healing. Dietary changes are another common sign. So, too, are things like improved sleep, soreness, hunger, thirst, and a host of other manifestations. Every healing is unique and so, too, are the after-effects.

Pet Healing

Q: What kinds of animals do you heal?
Steve has helps many species, including dogs, cats, horses and ponies, birds, fish, goats, rabbits, rodents and sheep.

Q: How far will you travel?
Steve will come to your home if you live in Riverview, Moncton or Dieppe. Beyond that, please book a distance healing.

Q: What are your hours?
A: Steve has a relatively flexible schedule so there are no set hours; however, he is available most Thursdays (afternoon and evening) and Saturdays (late morning and early afternoon), as well as weekday evenings.

Q: How much is a healing?
A: The cost is $70 /hr.

Q: How long is the appointment?
A: Most sessions are roughly an hour. That includes time for Steve to bond with your pet and to discuss his findings with you afterward.

Q: Do you take debit or credit cards?
A: No, please have cash on hand, thanks.

Q: I can't pay cash right now. Isn't there any way to use credit or debit?
A: You can prepay using PayPal that, in turns, accepts credit cards.

Q: How do I prepay?
A: Purchase a Distance Healing. You can then let Steve know that you wish a house call, instead. (They are the same price.)

Q: What kinds of animals do you heal?
Steve has helps many species, including dogs, cats, horses and ponies, birds, fish, goats, rabbits, rodents and sheep.

Q: How much is a healing?
A: The cost is $70.

Q: How do I pay?
A: Click the BUY NOW button. Payment is handled securely by PayPal.

Q: Are there any other payment options besides PayPal?
A: Yes, you may send an eTransfer, if you live in Canada.