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Natural health care and wellness


Naturopathy employs natural, safe and non-invasive techniques to achieve and maintain wellness.

The goal of naturopathic care is to naturally address the root cause of dis-ease by promoting the body's natural healing abilities. Instead of suppressing symptoms with medication, naturopathy uses them to understand and remedy their cause.

Custom Healing Approach

During the consult, Steve will begin by listening to your health concerns. These may be physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual. You and Steve will co-create a healing plan that is ideally suited to your unique needs. He will also recommend the best complimentary healing methods for you. He then will help educate and empower you to achieve and maintain wellness through healthy lifestyle changes and self-healing. The initial consultation will be lengthier than subsequent visits.

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Category: Naturopath
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Scent Policy

No: Perfumes or perfumed products; Colognes; Smoke
: Therapeutic Essential Oils


Length: 1 Hour
: Please be on time
: Please give 24 hour notice


Amount: $70


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 Healing Information

The purpose of integrative healing is not to replace standard medical care, but to compliment it instead. Please continue to receive regular care from your physician. If in crisis, please seek immediate assistance from a licensed health care professional.


Here are some comments from Steve's happy clients. To read more, please visit our feedback page.

Happy Client

"One of things I like best about Steve is that he listens. He actually listens. I don't feel rushed with him. He takes his time and gives me his full attention. I love that!" - S.L.


"Thank you so much Steve for listening to me, really listening with your heart. I can tell you are sincere in wanting to help me get better. The energy healing was a nice way to end our session." - J.G.


"Steve is a professional. He performs all services in a highly professional manner with safety, confidentially and the highest and best interest of his clients at heart. Kudos on integrity."- W.C.