Kim's Healings

"Kim is absolutely amazing. Her work is very powerful, and she is my go-to practitioner. Her work has made the biggest difference in my relationship!" - Alana Paul
"I cried tears I've been holding back for months and it was a great relief. Everything and I mean everything you conveyed was spot on. I am eternally grateful for your willingness to be a channel/Angel of light. Your clear interpretation helps affirm my own knowing. You are such a blessing. Thankyouthankyouthankyou to infinity and beyond!!" - R.T.
"I felt an urge to write you today, to thank you again. This week was phenomenal! I have lived more during these few days, than I did in the past 4 years. Got a job today. I had a trippy experience every evening this week. I do not react the same way I use to around people, so much easier to forgive. I'm still in Awe to see how much it also benefited all my family. And I'm at peace." - M.D.
"I'm speechless. I had goosebumps and tears during the whole message. I feel like for the first time someone is talking my language, truly understanding how I feel and experience life. I resonate with everything you said about my soul origins. You clarified and added important details, giving me the missing links I needed. I am forever grateful." - R.M.
"You are a miracle worker!" - L.B.
"It was very powerful and illuminating, and helped to make a massive shift. Thank you a million." - E.H.
"As usual, I downloaded the energy and listened to your audio recording with delight. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and love." - M.S.
"OMG I FEEL INCREDIBLE! During my healing, I could feel one Being that felt brighter, stronger and constant as well as several other Healing Beings all around me. I also felt some water over my body, and at the end, I saw the group of Beings surround me and seal in the energy healing. In your audio, you describe all of those events: Archangel Raphael, the water detox and the group of Beings sealing in the Energy. I immediately felt an incredible change in me. I feel lighter, happier and almost instantly transformed! I haven't vibrated this high in a very long time. After listening to your recording, I was doing the dishes with my earbuds listening to music and couldn't stop dancing. I turned around on two separate occasions to find my husband watching me with a huge smile. The first time, he nodded as if to say; "yup, she's back". The second time we both just started to giggle. I haven't giggled in such a long time, I can't even remember. I am Always Blown Away at your Incredible ability to provide such an AMAZING Healing with the Angels and feel so very Blessed that you have chosen to offer those abilities to whomever is in need. Thank you again!" - Joanne Leger
"Wow Kim! Once again you hit so many things right on, you've brought me to tears with all three healings. I don't think I said before, there is something so loving and comforting about your voice and the way you speak. I really enjoy listening to you. My higher self and my soul purpose, the information you relayed felt so true. It is EXACTLY the purpose I wish to accomplish with the business. I mean EXACTLY!" - A.W.
"I am really, really thankful for this gift you provided me. I have never felt so validated in my life!" - N.P.
"I cannot thank you and the Angels enough for your clarity and love. I am moved in ways that I cannot express in words. I am forever in your debt and if I can give others even 10% of what you've given me, I will feel I have done what my soul came here to do. Everything you said resonated. And I mean every thing." - R.T.
"I just wanted to thank you so much for your beautiful healing for (my daughter). She loved it and sent it to me to listen to. When I heard you take her soul to source for peace and tranquility for her mind and in the earth for grounding I started to cry. This is exactly what she needs. You are so special." - C.T.
"Thank you so much for your healing effort on my behalf. I am deeply grateful. What you have to say resonates deeply with me. I greatly appreciate what you give of yourself in your healing sessions." - A.C.
"Wow, thank you for this amazing healing. Thank you for helping me!! And clarifying so many things!!" - K.K.
"I have been experiencing a big shift in my body since. Woke in the middle of the night and felt something different. My body felt very light and something big had been lifted. I listened to the recording and to say I was blown away is an understatement. I am giving you a triple A plus and more." - P.M.
"Thank you for the healing and reading. I'm so appreciative of all the information you provided. It gives me great comfort. Also, I had such an interesting experience with the healing. I seemed to be vibrating so much it affected my vision and I also saw some flashes of light. I am so thankful I was led to you. Know you have given me peace, clarity and happiness." - H.M.
"Wow. Thank you so much for that wonderful healing!! I could not believe how much of it hit home with me. You seem SO lovely and magical. I am so grateful to have found my way to you. I will be recommending you to my healers and I will certainly be reaching out to you for another healing." - S.F.
"I do love you and I do love your healings. THANK YOU! I can't tell you how reassuring and valuable that healing was to me. Much of what you talked about, I am already addressing, and this healing gave me some context for it, and confirmation that I am on the right track. So much synergy in what you said. And so accurate. This was really a magical healing. Thank you for being in partner in this journey." - S.S.
"The guidance about (my son's) past lives has led to some extraordinary developments. His quality of life has improved tremendously since the healing. I have no words to express my gratitude for this!"- C.L.
"The healing was profound and got me through possibly the most difficult time in my life." - A.R.
"One if the best experiences I've had. It resonates so much. Things actually make sense now!!" - N.N.
"The healing description was amazing and I was so moved by the information you gave to me. You confirmed everything that I have felt all my life but could never express. It was so mind blowing." - T.J.
"Thank you so much for the session it was amazing. When you were doing the healing, I felt a sudden need to sleep. I woke after 3 hours in peace. The information is so powerful. I felt it spoke to my soul." - E.H.
"That was beautiful and so interesting! Everything resonated with me. I appreciate your time and healing." - J.T.
"Thank you for the amazing healing and information. I felt it and it resonate to me and its change my perception being here." - F.K.
"Thank you so much for another wonderful healing! Again, it all makes sense! You are my role model" - A.S.
"You are an awesome being. You were so right about my personality and spot on about (my health issue). Thank you for taking me on this journey." - J.B.
"Thank you so much for (my daughter's) healing. It was quite amazing! Informative! Revealing! It helped all of our family." - M.L.
"I wanted to thank you for that amazing session. It was truly awesome and I am impressed. Much much gratitude." - S.F.
"Thank you so much for the reading and the messages. I found it so nice to listen to, that I have listened to it several times. I really appreciate what you do. Your loving energy and wisdom was so clear through your voice and it is obvious you are a truly rare and special person." - K.S.
"I'm so grateful for your gifted abilities and your willingness to share it in helping people. It feels like I've had hundreds of sessions attempting to resolve this before...not all of it felt so efficient and so clearly accurate... you're awesome!" - P.R.
"What an Amazing session!! You are a wonderful healer/light worker, thank you so much! I could feel the healing effects, it started with a feeling of restlessness then it felt like my entire being was expanding. There was a sense of unconditional love that poured over me and triggered tears and laughter. I'm a so grateful for this experience and I look forward to letting go of the past and living in divine abundance! It was a pleasure to work with you again! This has helped me in so many ways." - E.P.
"Really amazing. You're very dear and very spot on. This was really wonderful on a mental level but better yet I'm feeling more relaxed than I have in a very long time." - C.H.
"Thank you for the amazing guidance!! I'm in shock. It makes a huge difference. Thank you for this amazing work you do to help people like me who have all these energy issues!" - K.K.
"Thank you so much for another wonderful healing! You help me finding and understanding my real self and also the multiverses and the whole ascension. I'm learning so much from you! All the images, they were all right on and so clear, it all makes sense. I can't thank you enough!!! So much Love and Light!!" - A.S.
"(My partner) is extremely pleased with her experience/healing. I was also very impressed with this type of healing and I would love to schedule one for myself now." - R.B.
"Gratefulness to you! My undying appreciation for you skills. I am so thankful that you were able to help." - A.P.
"I can't tell you how grateful I am. I knew when the healing was being done. It was the high frequency. I now have perfect vision. Also I can feel differences in the energy of my heart and root chakras. I finally have the new beginning I have so longed for." - S.M.
"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Kim for the wonderful house healing!! You were right on with everything! I am still in "awwww"." - M.S.
"WOW! There was a lot to process. I loved hearing about my soul's journey and knew, on a deep level, for this to be true. Thanks for the amazing reading and healing! Your energy is so kind and loving." - K.H.
"Wow, wow, wow!! Now it all makes sense. I now feel more comfortable in my skin and understand myself much better. I am so grateful for what you have given me. I received the healing very strongly and could feel the work being done. What you have given me is amazing with so many confirmations and explanations and I am truly grateful." - S.M.
"I am thrilled and thank you soooooo much! I am stunned, thrilled, shocked, and a whole bunch more. You performed a great service to me. Your kindness and gentleness shows what an incredible soul you are. I AM glad I found you." - D.A.
"Thank you and the Angels so much for another magnificent healing! How uplifting and wonderful! My heart is glowing!" - H.E.
"Wow...that was maybe the most amazing thing I've ever heard and probably the best healing I've ever had. I'm somewhat speechless. Thank you so much, you are amazing." - M.H.
"Thanks so much for this incredible experience! Everything you mentioned had a huge resonance. Even the tiniest details. Got the shivers going. I definitely felt the healing process, with a change in energy within me. Profound thanks for your insight and assistance. It is incredible how the healing information flows through you! I've been almost completely overwhelmed by the information. I had to listen quite a few times to absorb it all!" - W.M.
"I saw my body being filled with beautiful white light...and then my entire being in amazing golden light. I truly feel different, lighter, here for a my aura and energy is far feels amazing. I am completely overjoyed!" - L.L.
"You BLEW my mind. I have energy work...this was unique. It was like an energetic massage. I could feel my body vibrating. Then it calmed. And a sense of peace washed over me. I felt overwhelming gratitude as I heard about my past lives, the struggles...and that they had been healed. " - R.W.M.
"You helped me to join all the puzzle pieces from my life. My confidence and skills have increased dramatically. I can't thank you enough. It feels like I've been woken up from a heavy fog." - C.M.
"This was amazing. So many things resonated at a deep level, and so many parallels with dreams and visions I've been having. Your message was spot on." - J.A.
"I cried listening to you. You showed me so much love. You treated me like a most loved family member. I'm so surprised you know so much about me without ever meeting me. I love you." - C.J.
"Thank you so much! You and your process are amazing! XOX" - H.E.
"I do love your healing method! I called forth the healing energy and wow! Immediately I see a golden globe appear above my head. I sense healing released into my body. Thanks for everything!"" - S.F.
"Alleluia! It was fantastic. My wife cried of joy and felt relived from a burden. I really feel that every word you said was going straight to my heart. I woke up in a very good mood. Things are moving into the Light." - M.B.
"Today was actually the first day in a long time that pain was at a minimal. You are Awesome!" - C.A.
"You hit every nail on the head. My back and hip hurt less and I can notice a tremendous change in the PTSD. Thank you again for everything." - S.G.
"Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I feel for the healing and guidance! You are an AMAZING being. I feel 1,000 pounds lighter and there is no more back or neck pain. Thank you for making it possible to LIVE in my heart. Everyone comments on how I 'just glow' now." - C.L.
"Thank from the bottom of my heart!! I feel like this healing has given me "super powers" and I am so happy! You are a gift to this world!" - M.S.
"Thank you for my healing. I'm feeling great about myself. You are awesome!" - M.K.
"Wow, thank you for the amazing healing and recording! I can't believe how much info and insight you passed along. I'm glad I booked a session with you and would be happy to book with you again." - H.D.
"Wow what an amazing healing Kim. The ending brought tears to my eyes. Very great advice as it was exactly what I needed to move forward. This allowed me to have more trust in my path. Thank you sooooo much!!" - M.M.
"The healing had a really big impact on me. You explained things to me in a way that felt so true and real." - R.G.
"Wow! I am so so so thankful for your abilities. It makes so much sense. This was so big, and the things you have given so helpful." - A.P.
"I am leagues better. The worst symptoms have lessened and the healing continues. Grounding has been much easier. Thanks to the healing, it's clarified things and where they're coming from. Your seeing was astute and pertinent and very gently and kindly given. Knowing that it doesn't have to be this way is very motivational. Thank you for everything." - Terri
"Your healing was fantastic and your recording was not only accurate but hit all pertinent points, too. Wow! It precipitated a shift in me that helped me come out of a hole I never thought I could have gotten out of." - J.B.
"Thank you for this really helpful session! You were spot on. It is such a relief to have found someone who stands with me in wanting the best possible life!" - S.F.
"There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and send thanks for all you've done! You are so spot on and gifted!" - R.T.
"Thank you so much for facilitating my healing. This is life-changing. I have listened to the recording twice and still get energy running thru my body. Wow. Wow. Wow." - L.D.
"Wow! I am amazed and humbled. What you explained about my chakras blew my mind. I am very grateful for you and your beautiful gifts. You are truly a blessing." - A.L.
"Thank you so much!! This was amazing. I feel joy and instant healing. It's a relief not to have those implants any more. I love your voice and how you explain everything! I feel so thankful that I could go on this journey with you! You're truly an Angel." - A.S.
"My Multi Dimensional healing with Kim was life changing! Her insights on my issues were very helpful in raising my awareness and giving me tools to help surpass them. Her session had an impact on my personal and professional life! Highly recommended!" - Daniel Daigle
"Hello, my shining star. I really appreciate your very sincere and powerful healing, and the support afterwards." - A.P.
"I am deeply grateful for your help and guidance! I spent two hours receiving the healing energy and then listened to the recording, it made so much sense it explained what has been occurring and so much more." - E.O.
"You are awesome. I AM grateful for your multidimensional healing services. I feel so amazing." - J.P.
"Thank you for your healings/readings! Words cannot describe how huge of a help you have been!" - S.H.
"Thanks for the help! Really good messages. You're an absolute sweetheart, a very comforting person." - J.P.
"Thank you so much for helping out with this healing process! It was so beautiful and everything you said resonated with me. So heart warming. This has left me with a sense of clarity and inspiration." - E.P.
"My eternal gratitude. Thank you so much for validating gazillions of things. I cannot thank you enough for all the healing you did on me. I am already feeling so light as if the heavy dark clouds above me just evaporated." - M.J.
"Thank for your wonderful healing session and insightful words of wisdom from the bottom of my heart! It was ground-breaking and I felt it deep to my core." - D.P.
"I feel like we are old friends. Thank you so much for the wonderful insights and the amazing healing. I already see the benefits in the reduced stiffness and pain in my knees, hip and back. I marvel at your ability to connect to the multi-dimensions and all of our support beings." - J.T.
"Wow...extraordinary healing. The difference is very noticeable. There was such a huge amount of information that resonated. It was packed with insights. I count my blessings to have such a special lady in my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you." - S.S.
"I woke up feeling very happy, so full of gratitude and love. It has been a very long time since I have felt like light, jumping with joy, flying around with excitement. I am so blessed to have you, the miraculous healer, in my life." - S.B.
"The best healing of my life. I feel so free. Kim Hutchinson is an awesome healer." - Lisa Belokosovski
"You are very magical, tender, wholesome, humble, sweet, kind, generous and very egoless. I feel such warmth from you that I could just relax into your mothering energy." - S.B.
"I love you! You make healing fun and enjoyable and that my dear Kim, is an extraordinary gift." - S.S.
"I feel amazing. I am at peace and have immense love in my heart. I went through a tremendous shift since the healing. It confirms that there are true angels on earth. God bless you." - R.P.
"The healing was more than I could have imagined. I immediately felt the vibrations through my entire being. There was also an immense feeling of love and a bright golden light. Everything you said resonated with me so much it brought me to tears. I feel I can go on confidently." R.M.
"I am blown away! I could feel my upper back letting go, which has for YEARS held such tension. Every single thing you said resonated! I feel free. Tearfully, thankfully, powerfully yours." R.T.
"I feel so joyful! I now can speak my truth. I feel love, and I'm more relaxed and connected with Gaia and source; my heart feels stronger and it's expanding in all directions." - C.M.
"THANK YOU SO MUCH for my healing! It resonated so intensely with me. Wow. It was spot on!" - M.L.
"This is the most effective form of healing. You do the whole package! You're truly gifted! I felt a huge weight uplifted from my chest. I slept 11 hours straight like a baby. The advice of the angels and from you is the cherry on the pie. It's a helpful set of empowering tools." - J.P.
"The implant removal was amazing. I feel so free and open to all the good. Thank you!" - S.L.
"Your ability is amazing. I loved the healing. So many things you said really connected with me." - L.A.
"I am so happy. Your audio was very comforting and helpful. I'm already feeling a lot more energetic." - M.M.
"I am so excited how open my crown chakra and third eye feel. Thank you for your courage and compassion to those who are on our path of ascension. You are truly a gift of light and love!" - G.C.
"Bless You. I already feel the effects and what you have said resonates deep within me." - L.H.
"WOW! Thank you so much for facilitating my healing and the beautiful recording. So many YES moments! Amazing experience - you're so gifted and authentic, the real deal! Everything you said to me resonated. This has made me feel much more confident already." - L.M.
"I am finding my consciousness expanded to appreciate we live with the wondrous unseen at all times. I want you to really know how much we owe you, that you came to us at this crisis time. What you have given us is so extraordinary." - J.
"The angels are truly with me now as I can really feel them. So much beauty and white light. I am so grateful." - S.B.
"WOW! Such amazing information! You are spot-on. I can feel the expanded 12 chakra system. You are a very brave and loving soul." - T.T.
"AMAZING! As I was receiving the healing, I was feeling lots of pulling and shifting in my head, I associated that with the past life memory and Archangel Michael clearing the strings and cords from my head....the rest of the time I was gone. What was 45 min. seemed like a night's sleep." - N.L.
"That was one heck of vision you had. I listened to it twice already. This was definitely a powerful healing." - J.J.E.
"I am forever indebted for your love and heartfelt work. It gives me great calm in body and mind. You're like my godmother." - J.P.
"Yahoo to the end of a core issue! I feel brighter! The voice in my head is no longer full of lament. I couldn't have done this without your love and partnership." - S.S.
"Thank you for the amazing healing. I feel much better after the chakras were replaced. It was a huge shift energetically like a new engine; I have more energy...feeling more recharged." V.M.
"I'm speechless, your healing and description of everything was amazing, wonderful and so familiar it ran through me like a zing! Everything was EXACTLY me. From the bottom of my heart gratitude and all my love." - A.B.
"You are the most amazing healer! The Multi-dimensional Healings that you have done for me and my family, have been truly life transforming. Your natural empathy and the care with which you choose your words shows your deep level of commitment to provide the best possible experience and how you adjust this to the age and experience of the client once again shows your intention to provide the best healing possible." - Judith
"It was absolutely amazing and very helpfu! The healing has already made big changes. It has been a major breakthrough." - M.J.T.
"Miraculous healing!  I feel much better. The recording is incredible. Everything you mentioned makes total sense. I know that I can continue my path on Earth, and feel and experience joy and love in my physical body. LOVE YOU" - V.M.
"That was just what I needed! I felt very strongly the healing of the angels and Michael for sure! I cried because it was like a memory activated. Very powerful. Now I understand. It all feels correct, and thank you so much for the help! You are an angel." - J.P.
"I love the way you talk about what happened in the healing, for your lovely words and for being so full of love for others. I feel very blessed that you came into my life." - S.S.
"The healing session was amazing. I woke up more energized. There has been a very positive shift to a higher place of love. Thank you for being my guide in this process of healing and reconnection with the source. It's a privilege to do healing sessions with such a wonderful healer and beautiful soul." - M.L.
"I see you as the Gold Standard in healers, and I have worked with a lot of people over the years." - G.S.
"You have a marvellous gift. Thank you for your beautiful spirit and for seeing mine within me when I cannot see it myself! I'm feeling a lot of love right now.  I am totally feeling my soul." - Stacy. C.
"The healing has made a tremendous difference and the guidance was just what I needed. I was overcome by calmness and love for humankind. It was such an unconditional love, so beautiful and kind. I am very grateful for the peace you have given me and the introduction to my Angels." - D.D.
"As every healing, this was wonderful! You're a truly angel in earth!" - M.C.L.
"The healing/ guidance/journey that we took was wonderful. I had fun & am so grateful for the grace, guidance, healing & gifts shared in the Angelic realms, the dimensions, & the VOID." - Wes
"I feel like a brand new person. I can feel the core wounds gone now. Before it felt like a raw wound in my heart chakra area. I can't thank you enough, Kim. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. You've changed my life." - Gloria S.
"Thank you so much for this healing. It was so profound for me - so clarifying, comforting and encouraging. I so appreciate your love and support." - N.S.
"I would like to say a heartfelt thank you of appreciation to my dear friend, Kim Hutchinson for giving me a distance healing today. This included a Soul Retrieval. She is a pure, sweet, innocent, heart driven lady. I began to feel young, alive, focused and finally back to normal. I was happier, talking, laughing and just myself." INCREDIBLE." - S. Blanchard
"Thanks for an amazing Past Life Healing session. You are such a gift to the world." - Sandra M.
"It was probably the most powerful spiritual and physical experience of my life! I certainly felt the healing!! Had chill moments, some emotional moments, felt the heat, the cutting of the cords round my head and definitely felt the removal of pain. I enjoyed the best and most relaxed sleep I have had in years!! THANK YOU and the Angels. I am feeling a whole heap lighter and have experienced an inner peace I have not had for some time. I feel regenerated and feel as if 'm 'floating'." - B. Rouse
"I am truly impressed with the methods the angels chose to calm me down. That's exactly what I do to minimize stress and frustration." - U. Lestari
"THANK YOU so much for the past life healing. It's amazing what you had to say. I woke up this morning and could feel a definite shift in how I was feeling, like a ton lighter and everything looked brighter and happier, so a huge sense of relief would be the closest to describe it. What a wonderful feeling. I continue to thank God and the Angels for putting people like you in my life." - S. Schreiber


"I loved the reading Kim! Everything that you said made complete sense!" - S.F.

"The guidance is an OCEAN of wisdom, empowerment and clarity! Thank you so so much. I say yes yes and yes to all the points that were brought forth!" - S.F.
"Thank you so much for a validating, informative, inspiring reading! You really GET me. I truly found this VERY helpful, Kim. You are awesome! I will be back for more!" - K.E.
"This is absolutely wonderful Kim... And incredibly accurate. I'm excited to spread my wings." - R.B.
"You hit the center of the target again. You were 99% accurate .... Maybe we'll send you to the Spiritual Olympic Games. Thank you for reconnecting me with all parts of myself." - M.B.
Thank you so much! I just want to tell you how accurate it was. I felt like I remembered who I am now!! And that finally someone saw into my soul truly!" - K.K.
"THANKS A MILLION for all that you have done for me KIM!!!! I trust you so much and what you say resonates with me. I loved what came through!" - S.F.
"I cannot thank you enough. I thought I was going to be devastated listening to my reading. It was the opposite. I finally get it. It was like reading my biography." - S.C.
"Your reading was so healing! Thank you for your wonderful talent, clarity and integrity!" - R.T.
"That was extremely helpful!!" - A.D.
"Amazing! Your reading was spot-on. It all made sense. Your answers were exactly what I needed to hear. Profound thanks for your insight and assistance. You have an incredible talent." - W.M.
"I have learned so much and feel like I have really become alive. It has really enhanced my practice as a counselor and my ability to help my clients. Thank you for opening me up to such positive directions." - E.G.
"Thanks so much Kim. Wow. A giant leap forward in my development. I am pumped. All the information was so helpful and resonated so well." - M.L.
"Thank you so very much for my Angel Reading. It was tremendously helpful. My experience was one of soothing energy and calmness. Thank you for sharing your gift." - D.D.
"I'm very grateful for the beautiful reading. Everything you said makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much for the information you gave me and for doing additional research to give me a clearer picture. I'm very glad I found you. You are truly a gift and I appreciate your dedication." - C.J.
"THANKS a lot! No word to express my gratitude. Everything is clear for me now. No fear, just JOY. All my love to you, Kim. You are incredible, an extraordinary person." - C.S.
"I have listened to the reading and it was right on. There were so many things that exactly align with the work I am doing! I have gleaned insights that will be very helpful. Thanks so much for sharing your gifts!" - G.T.
"Thanks for your message of compassion, for your deep love and understanding. The Akashic Reading was incredible, so valuable." - C.S.
"Your reading was spot on! Thanks for being our guiding light!" - G.C.
"I am forever grateful for this reading. This resonates with me to the core in my soul. It explains so much for me. You are amazing!!! Will spread the word of your healing abilities to help others." - D.P.
"Thanks so much for your beautiful reading. It explains and inspires so much. I'm so moved. It's a thorough and amazing reading which I greatly appreciate." - C.W.
"Thank you very much! The information confirmed things that I knew intuitively but never had put in right context, for which I'm very grateful. I found your presentation very deep and insightful." - C.P.
"You are 100% accurate on everything you said! It's all so familiar, and I'm very grateful! Thanks again and God bless! I will recommend you." - H.B.
"This is the first time I've done anything like this, and I was so hesitant to try. I'm quite cynical and suspicious, and then I was really scared of what you were going to say. But, I was pleasantly surprised. The things you said resonated strongly with me and made me feel good. Thank you very much for sharing your gift." - E.L.B.
"OMG Kim!! That was amazing! Everything makes perfect sense now! I'm speechless. I am still in "awww". It clarifies so much for me!" - M.S.
"What a profound effect your reading/guidance has had. So many things resonated. I was a skeptic, but not any more." - L.S.
"Everything you said was extraordinarily specific and resonated very strongly and deeply. To say that the nail was repeatedly hit on the head would be an understatement. You are very gifted." - Danielle S.
"I listened to your excellent reading and was really knocked back by it. So much in there, and so much comfort, too. So many points resonated. A million thanks, Kim for the time, effort and energy. It really has helped me." - J.B.
"Such a wonderful and enlightening session. You are one the angels that needed to cross my path so I can get back on track. Thank you for showing me the light." - M. Lopez
"Thank you with every ounce of energy I posses! You have truly helped me. You completely moved me to tears." - A.F.
"WOW! I have never felt such deep resonation. I spent hours crying and laughing. I will never forget this. I love you!!" - A.B.
"It was great, totally full of light, love and happiness. Very clear! Every word resonated." - M.B.

I'm amazed with all that you have told me and thank you for your help. It all really resonates with me." - Y.G.

"Every time I hear your voice I feel like I am having a catch up with an old friend! I love your sense of humour! I feel more energised and centred." - M.C.L.
"Thank you for the wonderful reading. It was spot on and very helpful." - E.G.
"Thank you for all the amazing information. it's bang on again." - C.S.
"I love everything you said! I resonate with it all!! Wow! So happy! My deepest gratitude." - M.H.
"Everything you said resonated with me. I really enjoy your readings." - L.A.
"Your advice is spot on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, love and wisdom." - A.C.
"incredible reading!! I love your passion for this shift and what is happening right now, and your channelling/ psychic abilities are fantastic." - V.S.
"This is what I needed to hear! I cried my eyes out so it's spot on! Bless you and the angels." - J.P.
"Thank you so much for the guidance! You have no idea how much that helped. Of everyone I've went to see I trusted and felt drawn to you the most. I appreciate you so much! Thanks a million!" - A.D.
"Wow! You have no idea how much it helps. Sometimes you just need an outsider to tell you what you need to hear. I'm on the right path! I am empowered!!! I am also thrilled." - N.M.
"Thank you so much Kim for illuminating my paths. I am so grateful that spirit led me to you!" - J.H.
"Wow, amazing! Every item that you told I was thinking, 'yes exactly!' And all the metaphors are just perfect. It all matches perfectly. It has been a blessing to find you." - Y.G.
"OMG this is sooooo right on and true! It's a huge help!" - S.F.
"Wow that was just amazing! I cried. Everything that is truly important to me at this time was mentioned or was happening in my past lives. You're amazing. What a gift you have!" - A.D.
"Thank you my dear Kim for the wonderful reading! I always learn so much from you! Thank you for your knowledge, your guidance, your inspiration, and for the wonderful being that you are!" - M.S.
"OMG awesome info! Wow! Amazing! Very right on. That is me one hundred percent." - S.F.
"Thank you for the reading. Mind blown as usual. And heart opened." - T.T.
"You are so amazing. You understand everything so well. I listen to the reading every day. Everything is so accurate and it's amazing how you get so much information in a short time!" - C.S.
"You are amazing. My heart is full with gratitude. Thank you for your love, light, wisdom and compassion. The reading got more exciting as time went on. Wow, wow, wow. Thank you for this incredible gift." - T.T.
"Thank you for the reading Kim, it was so right on." - M.E.
"You are so awesome and your guidance on par with what was needed. We love you!" - J.S.
"Thank you so much Kim! I am glad (my friend) referred me to you. Your guidance really helped me understand things I had been questioning. I'm excited for the future." - T.L.
"Wow, wow, wow. What you do is amazing. All the guidance was incredible. You are a hidden treasure. Thank you for what you do. I'm really grateful for all the guidance." - L.A.
"You're the best at what you do. Excellent read! You have the best advice and I thank you dearly for your guidance!" - S.F.
"You should put up your prices. You're worth it! You change people's lives. You wake them up." - L.B.
"You are such a beautiful angel. I cried all the way through your message." - D.B.
"I really appreciate your crystal clear messages." - S.F.
"Thank you so much for the reading, your guidance and kind words! I listened several times and things resonated with me a lot. God bless you!" - N.J.
"Wow - so good and so much to take in! I could have listened for hours! Everything you said was right on point." - S.J.
"Thank you for such thoughtful answers, your wisdom and your kindness." - A.C.
"Sometimes you know there's stuff going on under the surface and you can't put your finger on it. After the Akashic reading from Kim I have a clear understanding why I'm doing what I'm doing and how to grow. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I feel different. Thank you so much Kim for sharing your beautiful gift with me. Clarity is definitely your forte" - Lisa B.
"There is not one thing you said that didn't made sense to me. You are a real gift to the world. You are amazing." - Veronique C.
"Kim is amazing, she always gives great advice and has helped me a lot to understand a lot of things. I recommend her very highly!" - Camille W.
"Kim is such a kind heart and infinitely wise. Her ability to listen and with the divine for guidance and counsel is unmatched. You may not be able to understand how Kim was able to access this information and wisdom... but one thing is for sure, you simply know that it comes from a place of love and authenticity. I am honoured to count you as one of my treasured counsellors." - Remi
"Recommending Kim is easy. She is a beautiful Angelic human. Very connected to Source, highly intuitive. Messages that came through for me were uplifting and true." - Pamela Cail / REA
"I found the reading utterly fascinating and really appreciate your help, insight, clarity and generosity. Since the healing, I feel both calmer and bolder.I am getting many creative ideas and vision." - A.M.
"Thank you Kim, for yet another eye (heart) opener. GOD BLESS YOU!! You are very caring and loving. In this transition you are a gift from God. I'm so happy I found you." - J.P.
"I really enjoy the readings! They give me a perspective on things when I need clarification." - S.F.
"Thank you for your love, kindness and wisdom which are apparent in every answer you have given. You are a star in every sense of the word. I loved all your analogies - which make things so transparently clear. I thank my guides for the gift of you." - A.C.
"You and the angels, I swear I'm always amazed. You are right on! Thank you so much for your help." - J.S.
"Once again your reading has brought me great resonance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness, energy, time and guidance. I asked you so many things and you offered me help with patience and affection. Wishing you much happiness and peace always." - A.C.
"Thank you so much for the Akashic reading. What you said resonated deeply with me. I thank you for the time and energy you have given this, and for making this so meaningful." - A.C.
"Thank you for being there when I needed some insight in my life. It was so nice to hear your angelic voice." - L.L.
"Thank you so much Kim for everything. What you shared is exactly in line with what I've been working towards for the past several years and provides me with the confirmation of my own intuitions." - T.C.
"Ah Kim, the power that flows through you is amazing. You are truly gifted. You hit the nail on it for sure. You always amaze me with the things you pick up! xox" - Jenny S.
"You were bang on. I loved the reading and all your positive energy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - A.U.
"Kim you are so awesome! You were bang on. Thank you soooo much! I appreciate you helping me. I feel like all is right and peaceful." - J.S.
"What an amazing reading and EXACTLY what I needed." - JLM
"Thank you so much for the reading. Everything you indicated in the reading made very much sense. Much love and light." - J.P.
"Thank you for all your help. You helped me to get to the next level of my personal evolution. Everything you told me gave me a deep sense of closure." - G.S.
"I feel in Awe after that guidance session. I'm very grateful that you have the ability and gift of communication with the Angels, and that you've chosen a path that enables you to help/assist others in finding their path." - J.L.
"I will highly recommend you to everyone." - Lisa A.
"You have played a pivotal role in my spiritual growth." - D.R.
"I completely agree with everything you said - it totally resonated with my being." - Lavendarblue Angel
"OMG Kim, what an amazing experience! Everything you spoke of felt so true to me. I am truly blown away by everything you said. Thank you very much. What you do is very special. I think everyone should have this experience." Lise A.
"I felt such happiness and clarity from our great session. Thank you!" - L. M.
"Had such a wonderful session with Kim today. Thank you so much for helping us remember where we came from." - C. Bourgoin
"I wanted to thank you for a wonderful session you gave. I was totally blown away. I hope you realize all the good you're doing with these angel sessions." - Bernice
"Wow Kim, this was a powerful one for me. It was bang-on. It always amazes me how the angels/archangels show you exactly what you need. I felt very empowered by the closing message. I love and appreciate you so much! You really are an angel!" - Jennifer S.
"You have a very special gift. Our meeting really triggered my awakening/ consciousness like I never imagined possible. Thank you so much for listening and just being who you are. The divine must be overjoyed to be working with and thru you because you are truly inspirational and a great example to others, such as myself." - Dany L.
"Your reading was so true to life, it unbelievable. It blows my mind! I was having doubts about my life purpose, but you gave me hope and peace of mind. Bless you." - Gloria B.
"The reading was powerful and accurate and very touching. Thank you so much for those touching and beautiful words." - Chantal F.
"Thank you for the wonderful messages. It's nice to know my guardian angels and archangels are with me and communicating with me. Thank you beautiful soul." - Jacquie
"WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! A million thank youzzz. It was beautiful! I couldn't imagine having had a nicer gift given to me. With all my heart Thank you!" - Debbie L.
"Thank you sooo soooo much Kim, for the beautiful angel reading, it's quite special. You've touched my friend a whole lot....I read her message and it's exactly what she needed to hear, the angels really read her, wow, it's amazing! I felt the angels surrounding us." - Janik L.
"Thank you so's like you are reading my soul, it is amazing." - Nicole
"Wow! You have touched my soul. I had heard good things about your work and now I know why! Thank you and bless you for your devotion to help others." - Serge L.
"You are very accurate! I have tears strolling down my face as I was second guessing myself. Thank you so much for being my angel. I am impressed with your work and will be guiding my clients your way." - Cheryl M.
"Dearest, Darling Kim, This is the most powerful reading I have ever had. I am crying now because it is so close to my heart. I just did not know how to articulate it...Thank you thank you thank you...May God continue giving you the strength and blessings to change lives. I've had numerous readings in the past but yours was the one that had had me sobbing. You were the light bulb that I needed." - Carol O.
"You're amazing!" - Patrick L.
"You have eased my mind. God bless you always." - Alison O.
"WOW KIM THANK YOU DEARLY! I am amazed by everything." - Chantal C.
"I really enjoyed the reading. Your prices are excellent and the information you provided was accurate." - Andy M.
"Thank you very much for your AMAZING answers. It feels like you've known me for years! I feel the vibration of love around your words. Thank you for helping me to know myself better. I feel more at peace" - Josee R.
"Thanks a lot for the help you have given me. The answers made me cry. It's been a fulfilling experience." - Roger R.
"You are just who I needed to connect with. I am very, very happy with what you told me thru the angels. Just confirms everything I had thought. No more will I second guess myself." - Cheryl H.
"Thank you so much for bringing clarity into my life." - Vicky G.

Steve's Healings

"You have really powerful energy. I could feel you working on my head and it was tingling like crazy. Then all of a sudden I could feel something touching my feet. I opened my eyes to see where you were, and was surprised to see you at my feet cause I could still feel your energy around my head!!" - T.T.
"Thank you for being you, and thank you for stepping into my life at this time." - J.G.
"I wouldn't be walking if it weren't for you and your healing powers. You're a life saver. I tell all my family and friends about you!" - K.L.
"Once again, Steve, you took away my pain and my anxiety, and left me feeling sooo mellow. Gratitude and love to you!" - M.J.
"Jesus came to me during the healing!" - K.R.
"I came to you because I saw you giving a healing at the fair, and your energy was beautiful." - T.H.
"Your healings are so amazing - before you know it I will have told everyone I know about you and Kim both!" - N.G.
"Thank you for the powerful sessions and the hospitality. It was really great to meet you, and your insight was very valuable." - J.E.
"After only a few days I am feeling much more serene and aware of my own state of mind. Since I contacted you Steve it has triggered off so much creativity in my life I hadn't realised what a rut I was in. Thank you!" - T.J.
"Six days and no pain, no rock. Slept the best I have in a while. Thanks for the excellent treatment. Things are feeling good. " - L.B.
"WOW! Your energy healing has gone a lot higher from he last time I saw you. You're really amped up! I was buzzing all over." - J.R.
"The shoulder pain is gone! After weeks of pain meds, you cured me in an hour. How can I ever thank you enough Steve?" - E.L.
"You do great work, Steve! You totally took away my anxiety and you gave me excellent advice." - M.J.B.
"I don't know how I'd survive without your healings." - M.J.
"Great healing session Steve. Hip is fine and no leg cramps at night since. You're awesome." - Leta Beal
"I was flying on the table!! I was up so high I felt weightless. My pain was gone!" - H.P.
"You're the real deal. I highly recommend you to everyone." - O.C.
"You are the most powerful healer I know. I have been to many others, but you're the best by far!" - L.B.
"I had an out of body experience during the healing. I realized that this is what death is like, and it's not to be feared. How wonderful!" - J.D.
"Your healings are so profoundly relaxing. It's like you anesthetise me." - R.B.
"WOW, Steve!!! The healing with the tree energy was INCREDIBLE!!! I knew it would be good because I love trees so so much, but this was far and away the best healing I've ever had." - C.L.
"That was, by far, the most spiritual experience of my life. I was in another dimension...floating, flying...totally weightless. I didn't feel like I was in my body. I had zero pain. It was like ascending into a heavenly realm. I didn't want to come back." - K.H.
"I don't know what you do that different from the others, but I always feel the energy more strongly with you. Not in a bad a really positive manner. And then afterwards I always feel so much better. Your healings are different...They're better!" - V.L.
"Steve, just wanted you to sciatica pain. Truly a great healing session. Thanks again! You are the greatest." - L.B.
"I am utterly astounded that the pain I have suffered to the point of tears in my left hip has vanished. I keep moving around to try to feel even slight pain because I can't believe it. I suspect the pain will be back because it would be utter magic otherwise, but for now I have relief. Thanks Steve! You are amazing!! Even my elbows are improved. How could it have worked that fast? I really was not expecting any change right away." - Kelly Patricia
"I've always had very effective treatments from Steve right from the very 1st one. Have not had anything close to it since, except for Sweat lodges." - Marie-Claire
"Hi Steve just wanted to tell you that the next day my pain was gone!" - K.H.
"You are truly a gift on this planet." - A.N.
"Thank you so much!!!! As you know, I had a crippling pain in my right knee and was having a hard time even standing on it. The healing made all the difference in the world. I can walk up and down stairs now, and I have little to no pain. Every day I can feel it healing more and more. You are very gifted Steve." - F.H.
"Incredible healing, Steve!! I was seeing colours and I feel so dreamy, and the pain is all gone!" - S.P.
"That was great! I feel more peaceful than I did before, and I didn't think that was possible. Funny thing, before I got there I was listening to music in the car. It's drumming and native singing. I thought I wonder if we'll talk about that. Then you go ahead and talk about drumming. LOL!" - M.C.
"I highly recommend Steve Clayton. He is a true professional but he also puts you at ease with his relaxed demeanour. He is passionate about healing, and that shows in his sessions. My Reiki treatment was very powerful and effective. I felt rejuvenated afterward." - C.B.
"Thank you for the peaceful and relaxing treatment, Steve! Your energy and good intention is much appreciated." - Kathlene MacLean
"Steve is the most heart-based, loving man I know." - J.R.
"I was very skeptical about what you do, but I was told I had to see you for an energy healing. I am really glad I did! This was great. I found it really relaxing. I'll be back!" - T.W.
"What can I say about Steve? Hot Hands! Ha Ha! Seriously you have incredible power in your hands. The heat is phenomenal." - J.B.
"I had thrown my back out of alignment, and so I was in lots of pain. I could barely stand. Steve got me on the healing table, and before long the pain was gone. Since the treatment, I've been feeling better and better." - H.L.
"As you know, I didn't want to come see you because of my cold but you were right. The healing helped my breathing and took away the aches and pain. Today, the cold is all gone! Amazing! That's the fastest recovery ever." - K.M.
"Steve, I really want to thank you for the energy healing. As you know, I had pain so intense I could hardly breathe when I arrived but you took it away! And best part is the pain hasn't returned. You are amazing!" - V.G.
"It's been a long time in between appts. That's just how good you are! I haven't needed healing in a long time. I used to go see another Reiki master on a monthly basis because the effects didn't last. But with your healings, I can go months without needing a follow up. You're the best deal in town!!" - B.R.
"Everyone I talk to has nothing but good things to say about you." - T.F.
"THANK YOU for the AWESOME healing!! You are very gifted. I feel like the weight of the world is lifted off my chest. You told me I had a blockage in my heart chakra, and you weren't kidding! Wow, now that's it's gone I can really tell how much it was interfering with my breathing. Not only can I breathe better but I also feel happier, calmer...more at peace." - G.T.
"Thank you Steve for the great healing. I don't know where I went but as soon as the energy started flowing I was gone. I woke up when you started playing the crystal bowl. It felt like I'd slept for ages. I haven't been sleeping well at night so I appreciate the rest. Maybe I should book more appointments with you so I can get caught up on my sleep!! Hahaha!" - C.A.
"Wow! I had HUGE release during the session. I could feel it leave my body. What a relief!! All that tension that was in my neck and spine is gone." - G.K.
"One of things I like best about Steve is that he listens. He actually listens. I don't feel rushed with him. He takes his time and gives me his full attention. I love that!" - S.L.
"I know I've said it before, but I think everyone should have a healing with Steve. He could heal the whole world I swear! No matter what's going on in my life, Steve can handle it. He takes it all away and leaves me feeling refreshed and energized." - B.F.
"The healing with Steve felt different than other Reiki treatments I've had. His hands get so hot, and I could actually feel the energy coming out of them. It was crazy in a good way." - C.S.
"Love you! You are creating waves of impact on the energy of humanity. Thank you!" - V.M.
"Thank you, Steve. I feel blessed to have had healings from you, have not found anything to match it yet. Soon time for a visit. xo" - M.C.P.
"Steve's got magic hands!" - J.M.
"I love how you're so heart based. It's easy to tell that you're the genuine article." - T.S.
"Thank you for sharing your journey with me. I love it when other people are honest about their struggles. It makes it easier." - M.F.
"I've talked with others about Steve's healing, and the recurring comment is 'He is the real deal'. He continues to hone and update his skills. His sessions (are) relaxing and beneficial, with good dialog at the end of the session. I experienced positive, quick and/or timely results in physical and energetic levels after treatments. Sometimes Thank You is not enough." - Wes C.
(After energy healing for joint pain): "My husband had a follow-up appointment with the rheumatologist. She couldn't find any problems with his joints." - L.B.
"Much love and appreciation to you, Steve!" - T.A.
"You are soooo close to spirit." - C.C.
"You're a shaman!!!" - T.M.
"That was a WORLD CLASS healing." - B.E.
"You took away my panic attacks, and I didn't have to take any meds! Thank you, Steve!" - H.P.
"Before calling you (Steve), I used to see another Reiki Master for regular healings. I mean, like, every month to 6 weeks. I HAD to go because of the pain. But one treatment with you lasted three times as long. I couldn't believe it. I went three months with zero pain. Un-freaking-believable!!" - N.E.
"I didn't know what to expect, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The treatment was very relaxing. I can't believe I fell asleep! I sure feel good today. Thanks, Steve." - T.A.
"If you want to get better, go see Steve! If you want your pet to get better, call Steve! Seriously, call Steve. :)" - A.M.S.
"Another FANTASTIC healing! I felt like a boneless chicken afterwards...ha ha!" - K.B.
"Thank you so much Steve for listening to me, really listening with your heart. I can tell you are sincere in wanting to help me get better. The energy healing was a nice way to end our session. It took away my stress, so bless you." - J.G.
"WOW!! That was fantastic!! Thank you soooo much Steve! I LOVED the healing. I was seeing colours!!!" - S.V.
"Your hands get sooo hot! Incredible. I could feel the energy flowing. And the pain is all gone! Thank you sooo much Steve!!!!" - B.F.
"Steve gave me a 15 minute healing at the market a couple years ago, and I'm still feeling great!!" - M.T.
"My teenage daughter won't talk to me, but she trusts Steve. Thank goodness for him! I don't know what we'd do without his support." - C.A.

Steve's the real deal!" - P.L.

"I've been to a lot of healers, but you are by far the best!" - M.P.
"I went to see Steve for a healing last year, and all my health issues cleared up. I haven't needed a second appointment. I still feel great!" - J.D.
"Steve is a wonderful person." - Dawn M.
"Steve is a professional who truly believes in the services he provides. He and his wife publish a monthly newsletter promoting Alternate Healing and Holistic material for the benefit of all. He is an organizer who promotes a local semi-annual Holistic Fair. He also does promotional work for animal care and healing. He performs all services in a highly professional manner with safety, confidentially and the highest and best interest of his clients at heart. Kudos on integrity." - Wes C.
"To be honest, I didn't want to go to a male healer because I wasn't comfortable, but Steve is different. His wife Kim told me he has a woman's heart, and she was right! Steve isn't like most men. He made me feel very relaxed and comfortable right away. I didn't think I would be able to relax on the table, but I fell asleep! So obviously I trusted Steve! And he was sooo easy to talk to. He made me feel right at home. I opened up to him and shared some personal stuff with him. I know I am safe with him." - C.L.
"I know 'I've found my way of healing and it's not meds! Hurray! No more digestive problems, no more heartburn. My body feels very grounded, and my anxiety is totally not what it used to be. I have never slept better. Thank you, dear Steve, for this wonderful healing." - B. Boudreau
"This is the first week in 4 months I don't have to wear my back brace since my energy healing. I have so much more energy and feel so much better." - L. Thibault
"You have the Jesus Touch!!!" - S.B.
"Steve is so friendly and warm with a great sense of humor. I always feel so much lighter and calmer after a treatment. The energy causing the migraines has been cleared so that I can function once again. The effects last and underlying problems are resolved." - Jennifer E.
"Thank you to Steve for the incredible treatment." :)) Marie-Claire P.
"I have to thank you again! The energy coming in through my feet is obvious now and communication with my Guides is enhanced since you gave me the Healing session. Much easier to cope, to the point of being even happier." - M. Desjardins
"Steve is such a powerful and humble healer. I immediately felt at ease and safe with Steve. I was comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with him, which is so important when it comes to having a treatment! My experience was warm, welcoming, and healing. There was no rush to get "down-to-business" but plenty of time to chat beforehand. Steve explained what he was intending to do and made sure I was comfortable with that. I always feel so much lighter and calmer after a treatment. Steve's hands are very warm while he works. I have felt energy shifting during a treatment. Steve is always great at the end of the treatment to explain what he say or did. I find as time goes on I need treatments less often." - Jennifer E.
"Thanks for the treatment today Steve, a truly incredible experience (almost felt out of body at times)." - C. Poirier
"I chose Steve because of his energy. His energy felt to me like it was a calming, soft energy. I felt the calming and healing effects of his treatment for weeks after. I can still easily recall the feeling of the energy on my body and chakras. Emotionally it calmed my nerves, the stress of the dis-ease I have. My spirit was also greatly improved. It opened up another path spiritually for me. The effects are lingering!" - G. Smith
"The session was very inspiring and peaceful." - N. Therrien
"I was abused as a child and I have a hard time trusting men. Steve is different, though. I felt safe with him." - Name Withheld
"The healing was amazing! Steve's hands got so hot. Wow! I could really feel the energy!" - Sherry B.
"The healing that Steve gave me was incredible! I released so much, and felt so light and free. All the way home I cried - tears of joy!! He is a very gifted healer and we're lucky to have him here." - J.G.
"I loved my healing! It was sooo relaxing. I didn't think I'd be able to relax, but within minutes Steve tells me I was sound asleep. LOL!" - Monique T.
"Steve took away my migraine!" - Linda L.
"My back stopped hurting and the pain didn't return." - Yves
"All that stuff you told me at the end of the healing was absolutely true." - A. LeBlanc

Pet Healings

"I just happened to come across your piece on Ascending Schumann Resonance and the many ways this can manifest in our pets. Even after the 5th read I had to pinch myself. Talk about synchronicity to have found your incredible wisdom. Everything you described Steve is a carbon copy of the labyrinth my dear fur son & I have been doing our very best to navigate these past months. Every single word resonated with us so completely. I have struggled this whole year to reach for the positive frequency of our seemingly sudden challenges but couldn't transcend the iron clad medical standpoint. Just days after finding your article and beginning to realign accordingly we have both magically shifted ***joy*** you have brought us such light with your courageous & open minded work. To see all my pondering wasn't delusional at all frees us to flourish in this chapter of our life rather than paddling upstream. Thank you infinitely." - Jess Constantine
"Since the healing (our cat) has put on some weight which is very good sign as he was losing weight. I noticed that (his) purring became much deeper and louder. Regarding the constipation - there was a good result in the garden this morning so things are looking up." - T.J.
"We've noticed a big difference in our dog's behaviour since his healing. He's no longer aggressive with other dogs." - T.C.
"How can we ever repay you? Your healing helped our senior cat live another 4 years. And these were good years too. You gave her peace and comfort in her old age." - S.B.
"You healed our dog's fear of the truck. She no longer shakes or chews at the harness. Amazing!!" - F.P.
"Our poor dog was all out of sorts. He was trying to communicate with us but we couldn't figure out what he was telling us, so we called Steve Clayton. Boy, are we glad we did! Steve not only calmed down Buddy but he also communicated with him and retrieved the message that Buddy was trying to send us. Between the healing and giving Buddy what he was asking for, he's like a brand new dog!" - B.M.
"Thank you Steve for healing our (fur) baby. It is very obvious that you cleared her intestinal issues because all systems are now functioning normally!!! You told us it was emotional and you must be right. She's far more relaxed now and seems much happier." - K.J.
"Thank you sooo much Steve! Since (our dog's) healing, she isn't scared of the car anymore. She no longer shakes in fear, and she doesn't get car sick." - C.S.
"He (Steve) is awesome. We had lost our 16 yr. old cat and the surviving one could not stop howling. He helped her calm down, did some Reiki on her and she lived to be 19." - Jocelyne S.
"One of our show dogs was really nervous. Steve gave her an energy treatment to relax her and she did good in competition and stayed calm for weeks." - S.R.
"Our horse was in distress due to a recent operation so we called Steve to help calm him down. It was amazing to watch! At first, our horse resisted Steve putting his hands near the incision. But then all of a sudden, he relaxed and let Steve move his hands over that spot. We noticed a big difference in our horse the next day. He was more energetic and behaving like his old self." - L.D.
"Thank you so much Steve for looking after our cat. Chester is like his old self today." - Y.C.
"My female dog is leery of men and I wasn't sure how she'd respond to Steve. Well, I needn't have worried! Before long, she was curled up in Steve's lap. I have never seen that response from her before!" - R.G.
"Our dog had gone blind, but after the pet healing he was walking around like he could see again. Freaky!" - Y.L.
"Heart-felt thanks to you Steve for giving our family a chance to say good-bye to (our dog). After your healing, he lived through the holidays and didn't exhibit any signs of pain. We are so blessed to have had this gift of time with him." - H.C.
"Our dog had a lump on her chest. After Steve's healing, a little piece fell off. Everyday thereafter a little more fell off. Today it is totally gone and our baby is doing fine. I am a big believer in Steve's pet healing and I would recommend his service to everyone." - Tasha Jones

Clayhut Healing

This wife and husband duo have such open and caring hearts. Greater Moncton is blessed with their Holistic Fair; it helps me feel connected to the people in my city, province, world and beyond... Thank you for creating such a loving community of good vibes! Can't wait for the fall Fair. Clayhut truly deserves a bountiful business." - Sam Mazerolle
"You and Steve are the most genuine people I know." - Kelly G.
"Thank you both for the wonderful sessions. You and Steve are amazing. And I have to share that I got my sign as I requested from my guardian angel. I was about to give up on it, when it just came, and I was speechless!!!!" - T.C.
"I am very blessed to have met you and Steve. You do extraordinary work." - L.L.
"A nice safe and pleasant surroundings. If there are standards for this variety of service, a high rating." - W.C.
"You and Steve are amazing!!!" - T.C.
"I love visiting your website. It's therapeutic to visit and it lifts my spirits." - Rena
"In the last 24 hours I went through years healing, and light bulbs went off like never before. I cannot tell you how relieved, free and happy I am that I went to see you and Steve. I slept like a baby last night. You guys make a great couple. You have a beautiful home with wonderful energy. I am forever grateful to you both!" - Kristelle L.
"Kim is a true Earth Angel. Steve is one also, and they make an awesome team. When they are in therapeutic mode....WOW!!" - Susan B.
"You two are great gardeners of light, and your seeds flower into this brilliant illumination that reach so many." - D. Levesque
"I heard about you from my sister. She went for a healing and reading and she was so overwhelmed by her experience that she shared it with me and insisted that I go see you. Thank you very much for sharing your gift with others and continue your wonderful work, you and your husband." - Monique D.
"You and Kim are doing such good work at Clayhut Healing Centre, bringing the holistic community together to celebrate and share. I love being part of this heart-centred event (Riverview Holistic Fair)." - E.S.


"Thank you so very much for the lovely experience. I just wanted to learn. I came away with so much more!!! You are amazing person, beautiful soul and it was a pleasure to share the afternoon with you. Meeting my angels was awesome and the information you shared so very valuable." - P.R.
"Thanks Steve for a wonderful class today about living in the heart. You are one man that I trust and feel really comfortable with, as I can shy away from many males with my healing due to my past. You are a pure Spirit. Again, thanks for being gentle, pure, divine and loving. Your wife said you were perfect for this class and she was correct." - Susan B.
"Thank you, Kim! The workshop was amazing! I loved my journey to the Crystal Palace. I didn't want to leave. Learning how to connect with the angels for healing was so empowering. I feel calmer, more peaceful, centred, happy and balanced. What a lovely afternoon!!" - J.M.

You are a great teacher!!!!" - D.M.

"It (The Clayhut Healing Method) was an amazing course and I loved every minute of it!" - J.W.
"Thank you for a wonderful session. I was totally blown away. I hope you realize all the good you're doing with these angel sessions." - B.B.
"Thank you Steve for the wonderful afternoon of sharing your teachings. I had a blast." - J.T.
"Thank you Steve for being so devoted at your teaching especially when you said to keep it simple and to give with pure intent." - S.A.
"Great session tonight Steve! Here's to positive thoughts out to the Universe!" - Trish M.


"Kim, I'm extremely impressed with your article on time jumping." - Bill S.
"Beautiful Kim, it was a pleasure reading your article. Just when I think I'm losing my mind and I want to give up, I read an article like this one and it brings me back to my heart and my beliefs." - M.D.
"Thank you so much for this article, it seems to be written for me, this reinforces that what I've been going through is real and has a good purpose, I'm close to the end, and surrounded by light. God bless you." - Dom I.
"You truly are an inspirational soul. I loved the article. Thank you for your wise words" - Joyce T.
"I just wanted to drop you a word of gratitude about your inspiring article on the dark night of the soul. You have put in words exactly what I feel." - Pierre L.
"Very beautiful and spot on. You are a beacon of light that shines to everyone who is going through this (Dark Night of the Soul) struggle." - Paul S.
"Thank you for taking the time and effort to thoughtfully convey not only an awesome message but also relate to others experiences. This was EXACTLY what I needed to read. God Bless." - James W.