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We are honoured to be able to offer naturopathic consultations and holistic healing. Although we do so with the highest and purest intentions, and we believe wholeheartedly in the services we offer, they are not substitutes for regular medical and/or psychological care. Our offerings are, instead, wonderful compliments to standard medicine.

Not Medical Care or Advice

No Diagnosis, Prescription or Medical Treatment

Our healing services are integrative, meaning they enhance regular medical care rather than replacing it. We are not licensed healthcare professionals. We cannot diagnose medical conditions or prescribe treatments, nor do we advise you to disregard and/or discontinue any treatment prescribed by your physician, therapist, or other medical specialist.

Continue Receiving Regular Medical Care

Please talk to your doctor or therapist before making any changes to ensure that you have the support of your healthcare professional(s). We recommend that you also follow up with your healthcare professional(s) after receiving care/service from us in order to verify that we have helped you. If not, then our service(s) may not be the right approach for you.

No Guarantees


Holistic healing treats your whole being: mind, body and spirit. Since spirit works in mysterious ways, we cannot guarantee that healing will occur. If healing does occur, we cannot predict how it will happen or to what extent. 

Messages, Guidance, Readings, et al.

Messages we receive come from spirit and intuition. We cannot guarantee the information's accuracy, nor do we accept liability for any consequences of acting upon any information we provide, either directly or via our website, blog and/or social media sites. If, and how, you choose to interpret the information, and the ways in which you make subsequent changes in your life, is entirely up to you. You are responsible for your choices.

Legal Age

You must be of legal age to purchase any of our services. 

Minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian when receiving in-person healing.


Client comments on this website were provided freely and voluntarily without compensation. The links to products, to books, and to other websites, are provided solely for your information. They do not imply an endorsement on our behalf. We do our best to provide you with quality links and ideas, but we cannot guarantee that you will enjoy these sites, books and products.

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