Frequently Asked Questions

Kim's Distance Healings

About Distance Healing

Why only offer distance sessions?

Kim performs the healings in a lucid dream state. Having you in the room with her would not be conducive to this sleep state. If Kim were to attempt to heal you in person, she wouldn't be able to achieve the same results. In a lucid dream state, you and Kim are able to transcend your human limitations. Kim can meet you on the soul plane, and together you are free to travel throughout time, space and dimensions.

How does distance healing work?

Distance healing is possible because it happens on a higher dimension outside the human limitations of time and space. That means you can receive healing anywhere in the world, and the healing will be as effective, if not more so, than an in-person healing.

Is distance healing effective?

Thanks to quantum physics, distance is a non-issue. In fact, distance actually increases the strength of the healing. Distance sessions are far more powerful, therapeutic and accurate than the in-person sessions because they happen on higher dimensions, outside of the limitations of time, space and human boundaries.

How does distance healing compare with in-person healing?

Kim finds her distance healings to be more powerful than anything could offer in-person. .

How does lucid dream healing work?

Kim performs healings in a lucid dream state where she is able to meet with higher aspects of a person's being. The healing occurs on that level, and then the energy filters down to this dimension.

About the Healings

How will I know what happened during the healing?

After the healing, Kim will make a detailed recording of everything that she witnessed during the session. You will receive the guidance in the same way as the healing summary. Both will be included in the recording.

How many healings will I need?

Every situation is unique, so it's impossible to say; however, the combination of higher dimensional energy healing and detailed healing information is so powerful that many people are healed after only one session.

Is it possible to heal someone without his/her permission?

We cannot heal a person without his or her permission. Even if we were able to, the healing probably wouldn't work; or if it did, it may not last.

What is Past Life Healing?

Past life healing is highly effective at identifying and releasing karma (unbalanced life lessons) and phobias that have no connection to this life.

What is Multidimensional Healing?

Multidimensional healing is an excellent all-purpose healing because it connects you consciously with your higher selves and enables healing outside the human limitations of time and space.

Kim's Distance Readings


About Angel/Spirit Communication

How does Kim talk with angels?

Kim speaks directly to angels and is able to hear their replies. She also receives visual messages from them. Kim is merely a conduit for Angelic messages. Think of her as a radio. She is able to tune in to various frequencies and broadcast the messages contained within. She does not generate the wisdom; she merely transmits it. Kim came to realize that she had this gift just two months after praying fervently to God for the ability to help heal the planet. She began seeing angels, and was told she had been conversing with angels since she was a wee child. (This news came as a great relief to Kim as she had always feared she was talking to herself!) At that point, Kim's gift of clairaudience (clear hearing) increased exponentially. Her clairvoyance (clear vision) similarly increased. Today, the angels communicate through Kim in order to guide, inspire, heal, nurture, and love people. Kim is very appreciative of this gift bestowed upon her by God, and aims to remain a pure channel for the messages she receives.

Can I learn to communicate with angels?

Yes! Have you ever had a gut feeling about something and it turned out to be true? Has an answer just popped into to your head, even though you can't imagine where it came from? These are just some of the ways that your angels communicate with you.

If you're unsure of how to contact your angels, you just need to relax or spend time in nature, and then ask for help. Be open and receptive to what comes. For instance, if you have gerat listening skills, you may receive messages through clairaudience, using your ear chakras. Or, you may prefer to communicate with your angels using angel cards. You may ask the cards direct or general questions, and they will reveal the truth in every case. The answer may not directly relate your question so look at the underlying factors. Perhaps the answer relates to an issue that you have been hiding from yourself.

About Angel/Spirit Guidance

How can the angels help me?

The angels want to help make your life easier in every way possible. Everything in nature was created by love and love is the most powerful force in the universe. Anything that our angels can do to help us achieve a state a love (love for ourselves, other people, animals and the planet) puts us in alignment with our Creator and helps to create paradise on Earth, one person at a time. But you must first ask them for help. Everyday, ask for the following angelic protection, healing and guidance:

  • Archangel Michael, please clear my energy and the energy of my home. Also, please cut my cords of fear, and protect me from unwanted or negative energy.
  • Archangel Jophiel, please beautify my thoughts and surroundings.
  • Archangel Raphael, please heal me on all levels.
  • Archangel Metatron, please balance, align my chakras.
  • Archangel Raziel, please heal my old issues, and past life issues.

If you do this each morning and night, along with whenever you feel the need, I think you'll find it makes a big difference.

Steve's In-Person Healings

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality. The term Reiki is comprised of two words: Rei, meaning 'God's Wisdom or the Higher Power', and Ki, which stands for 'life force energy'. It has been in existence for thousands of years, tracing back to Ancient Tibet. It was later rediscovered in 1922. Reiki works by transferring healing life force energy through one's palms into a patient. This energy can not only heal you, but it can also soothe emotions and take away stress. Reiki also helps maintain optimal health. It is a holistic, gentle, natural and safe healing modality.

What is EFT®?

EFT® is a holistic healing modality that helps heal emotional, health and performance issues. It combines Mind Body Medicine with Acupuncture (minus the needles). EFT® works by tapping on the body's various meridian points and naming firstly the things with which you are unhappy, followed by a series of positive affirmations. The concept is so simple and yet the effects can be so powerful. Properly done, EFT® can reduce healing time dramatically.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that employs stones and crystals as healing tools. When the stones are placed on the body, they amplify the healing of the chakas. Steve also employs crystal wands.

What is Sound Healing?

Our entire universe was created with sound. Everything is made of vibrating energy, and each vibration has a specific frequency, so sound healing is the perfect modality to help restore us to our original blueprint of divine health and happiness. Sound healing can be used to address every type of ailment imaginable by restoring perfect pitch to areas that are out of tune.

About Pet Healing

What is Animal Energy Healing?

As with humans, animals have an energy field comprised of chakras and an aura, and just like us an animal's energy field can suffer disturbances that manifest as distress and even disease. Even though animals are better at coping with stress, your pet is very attuned to your moods. Your pet is also vulnerable to the same environmental toxins that can adversely affect your health. Steve employs Holistic Energy Healing to deliver non-invasive, holistic care that acts as preventative health care and it accelerates healing.