Spirit Orbs

What are Spirit Orbs?

An orb is a sphere or shape of light that appears in photographs and videos. Sometimes these light phenomena have logical explanations and earthly origins; but, when they do not, these orbs are spiritual beings (i.e. angels, spirit guides and departed loved ones).

Orbs are most often spherical, but other shapes have been recorded. These include, but aren't to limited to, diamonds, mists, and humanoid forms.

Many orbs contain intricate, beautiful patterns within, like a mandala. Ones with these patterns are more apt to be a spirit lightbody.

Where to Find Orbs
Orbs of departed loved ones, spirit guides and guardian angels, are most likely to appear in photos where happy people are gathered, such as around children, or at a wedding.

Elementals such as pixies and fairies are often spied around animals.

Earthbound souls or visiting nostalgic spirits may be seen around historic sites and old buildings.

Check your digital photographs for evidence of angels, guides and departed loved ones. Then compare your findings with the information contained here to see who has been visiting you.

Non-Spiritual Orbs
It's wise to rule out obvious causes first before concluding that your photo contains a spiritual orb. True orbs have no Earthly explanation. 

Photographs taken in the sun, lamps and even candles, can often show orbs and prisms of colour. Light from your camera's flash can reflect off shiny surfaces such as mirrors or even hardwood floors. Your flash may also highlight particles in the air such as dust or pollen; smoke or or moisture such as raindrops and snowflakes.

Most non-spiritual orbs are solid or translucent white. They lack the intricate patterns that are the hallmark of authentic spirit orbs.

Orb Photographs

We have compiled a collection of spirit orb photos on our Facebook page.

Orb Colours

  • White: Guardian Angels; Departed Loved Ones, etc.
  • Pale Pink: Archangel Ariel
  • Eggshell Cream: Archangel Azrael
  • Pale Green: Archangel Chamuel
  • Orange/Copper: Archangel Gabriel
  • Bluish White: Archangel Haniel
  • Eggplant Purple: Archangel Jeremiel
  • Deep Rose: Archangel Jophiel
  • Violet & Seafoam Green: Archangel Metatron
  • Royal Blue, Purple & White: Archangel Michael
  • Pale Sky Blue: Archangel Raguel
  • Emerald Green: Archangel Raphael
  • Rainbow or Pure White: Archangel Raziel
  • Turquoise: Archangel Sandalphon 
  • Pale Yellow: Archangel Uriel

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