Angel Healing


How Kim Heals with the Angels

The Crystal Palace

The main healing facility is the Crystal Palace, an angelic crystalline structure used for sound healing. This exquisitely beautiful, soaring edifice comprised of shimmering crystals. The facade is translucent and milky white, with glistening shades of violet and the palest pastels. It appears to be alive, flowing like water.

With the help of the angels, Kim has developed her own healing modality called Multidimensional Healing & Guidance. Working with the archangels and your guardian angels, she is able to send powerful, loving and healing energy over great distances.

Kim begins by traveling to the 7th dimension, where she heals with Archangels Raphael, Michael, Jophiel, Metatron and Raziel, along with a team of healing angels. They remotely scan your aura and chakra system for anomalies, then remove your cords of fear; vacuum away all negativity from your energy field and home; send holistic spiritual healing to all levels of your being; beautify your thoughts; balance, align and clear your chakras, and remove your past life cords.

Inside in Crystal Palace, millions of white angelic light-beings gather to sing. Each angel holds a particular note. This glorious choral sound rises to the glass ceiling where healing tables have been installed. Your entire being will reverberate with sound, and those waves of love and light will remove stubborn blockages and 'retune' your energy field to the frequency of Source. There is a wide variety of notes being sung, and yet the sound is incredibly pleasing to the ear.

The angels in the Crystal Palace joyfully transmit this harmonic resonance throughout all the layers of creation, but focus most of their attention and energy on our realm as it is most discordant and thus is in need of the most re-tuning. All matter in our dimension is comprised of strings that vibrate and, thusly, produce a frequency. The harmonic resonance helps to elevate the frequency of the vibration so that everything and everyone is restored to a perfect state of equilibrium.